Thursday, October 3, 2013

my first blog post ever!

I am not a crafty person. Those who have seen my {few} DIY projects tell me otherwise, but little do they know how many hours it took me to make my first yarn wreath or that I spray painted a table IN my living room. Lime green. On the hardwood floor. I have, however, gotten a whopping 60 re-pins of this canvas painting I did. Don't look too close or you will see that the white is really thin and the lines are not at all smooth. I don't ever stop to admire this hanging in my's just there.

I'm slightly happy with the way my house looks after two years of trying to figure out my decorating style. But please don't ask me to describe it. All I can say is "aqua." And brown. And beachy with a slightly southern feel. And cottage-y. And antique-y. And DIY. And I live near the mountains so my seascape theme looks so out of place. Who am I kidding...I have no idea what I'm doing.

The one room I am super proud of is our baby girl's room. She's lucky she's coming now instead of two years ago when I had that lime green table in my living room...gosh that thing was hideous. When I was telling people that her colors would be pink, gray, and aqua, most would say, "(insert tone of doubt here) oh...that sounds nice...can't wait to see the finished product." Well, it did turn out nice, and here is the finished product.

Another thing I am super proud of, and what this blog will probably be mostly about, is my cooking. Maybe an occasional picture of my cat because she is so darn cute! But mostly cooking. When I first got married, I was so excited to cook dinner for my husband that I went all out every single night. He got a bit of a belly (which was really the cutest thing I've ever seen). But I toned it down for a while when the {two} full-time jobs--one real one and the other just being a new wife--finally took their toll. I couldn't take it any more and quit that job and took a new part-time job as a sous chef for a catering company.

With my love for cooking now at the forefront of my life, along with all the time I have as a stay-at-home-almost-mom (almost because she's not quite here yet), I bring you...the simple sweet life. And a picture of Lilly.

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